Ирис Васић, политиколог, Немачка, Србија

Iris Vasic 

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/irisvasic

Nationality: German

SUMMARY I am a Strategist, a Mindset Changer and a true friend of Serbia. I have an indepth knowledge of politics, I am a assertive Politican and Politican Scientist – International Relations 10+years in leading management in Germany. 5+years of experience in promoting Good Governance as a municipal Politican in Germany „still runing mandate“. I consult in promoting and implementing of laws, I give support in enhancing to raise awareness of political topics, in creating memorable campaigns and implementing laws. I coach compliance with laws and conduct Quality Management into action plans and state reports. Innovative with a strong commitment in advocating of UN SDGs. 


Coach at international peer mentoring program 01/2020 – now WEF (Women Economic Forum) /All Ladies League (ALL) Belgrade – Serbia – VOLUNTARY 

• Advocating women empowerment and equal gender rights 

• Consulting and Teaching of leadership skills and business basic knowledge to women entrepreneurs of SMe in Africa and Asia 

• Conducting fundraising and campaigning strategy 

Independent Senior Consultant and Coach 08/2019 – 12/2019 Belgrade – Serbia 

• Established SWOT analysis in organizations and companies for the advancement of women and vocational training e.g. AFA, Klett DUAL School 

• Initiated digital marketing strategy 

• Enabled on sustainability and environmental issues (SDGs) 

• Coached on topics „team leadership, train-the-trainer, organizational development, basic business knowledge, best practice“ 

Dep. Executive Director & Director of Studies 08/2018 – 07/2019 CSO – Protestant State Church Düsseldorf – Germany 

• Guided 20 branches with 250+ employees/ 2000+ volunteers with responsibility for West Germany 

• Assembled management committees at state and federal level 

• Chaired communication with state government affairs 

• Counseled draft laws on the subject of non-formal education 

• Spearheaded Political Education and Democracy Education 

• Administrated steak holder management 

• Installed measures of capacity building in education and VET 

• Headed digital communication strategy for the campaign for diversity and human rights 

District manager – Project Management 03/2017 – 06/2018 CSO – Protestant District Church Jülich – Germany 

• Supervised Project Management Team with project conception, application, processing of funding, monitoring and evaluation 

• Established strategy on organisational development 

• Focused on education development within the framework of the UN sustainability goals 

• Chaired law representation of the district in state committees 

Head of Department – Adult Education 03/2015 – 02/2017 CSO – Protestant Community Church Düren- Germany 

• Spearheaded organisation reconstruction 

• Championed restructuring process of the departments 

• Coached teachers and staff in the areas of „soft skills, leadership and conflict management“ 

• Steered Strategic annual planning& budget management Committee 

• Established QMS (Quality management System) 

Dep. Head of Department – Reconciliation and Peace Building 10/2012 – 02/2015 Vogelsang ip/ Academy for Education and Reconciliation – Schleiden – Germany 

• Established strategic annual planning, milestone plans and project process plans 

• Supervised steakholder management 

• Member of the board of trustees for the exhibition on Nazi violent crimes 

• Managed EU funded Youth programmes incl. monitoring and evaluation 

Scientific Researcher 09/2011 – 09/2012 Vogelsang ip/ Academy for Education and Reconciliation – Schleiden – Germany 

• Conducted feasability studies and research studies about Nationalsocialism and Human Rights 

• Published guidlines and handbooks for international peace education 

• Developed curricula and methods for dealing with the past and reconciliation 

• Processed and managed goverment subsidies 

• Member of the exhibition development 








Fluent: English, German Basic: Serbian, Hindi, Sanskrit 


PhD Political Science – International Relations University of Tuebingen 2011 PhD Indology University of Tuebingen 2011 

VET Tourismmanagement Studiosus Travel Munich 2002 Cert. Expanding Global Influence Global Goodwill Ambassadors 2019 Cert. Leadership Skills for High Performance Global Goodwill Ambassadors 2019 Cert. Coaching EKIR Duesseldorf Germany 2019 Cert. E-learning Qualis NRW Soest Germany 2019 Cert. Leadership and Management EKIR Duesseldorf Germany 2018 Cert. Fundraising EKIR DUesseldorf Germany 2017 Cert. Adult Education VHS State Iffice Cologne Germany 2015 Cert. Human Rights EVZ Berlin Germany 2014 Cert. DWP ADB Federal Office Germany 2014 Cert. Political management HBS Duesseldorf Germany 2013 Cert. Women Empowerment Green Party Berlin Germany 2012 

Honorary Life Member of ALL Ladies League (ALL) Membership Green Party Germany – (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen) 

Municipal Politican – City Councillor Schleiden – Germany 2015 –now 

• Chairing Election Comitee and Dep. Chairing Comitee for Social Affairs and Youth 

• Advocating knowledge in the areas of sustainable development and Compliance with laws 

• Conducting administrative reform 

• Steering political election campaigning 

Professional Experience in Education 

Political and Legislative Level 

➢ City Councillor (Local Government Schleiden e.g. Member of the municipal Committee for 

education, social issues and culture) ➢ Leadership experience in educational institutions and in the education system ➢ Design, development and implementation of policies and programmes ➢ Political requests/ Commitee Work/ Board Management Driving force in the implementation and compliance with (state, federal) laws and: 

• Local authority GG (Art. 28 Basic Law) 

• Vocational Training Act (BBiG) 

• Social Code – SGB III Employment promotion 

• Child Education Law (KiBiz) 

• School Act NRW (SchulG) 

• Continuing Education Act (WbG) 

• Employee Training Act (AWbG) 

• District order (KrO NRW) 

Scientific Level and Organisational Level 

➢ Actions plans/ Reporting/ Monitoring/ Evaluation ➢ Carrying out potential analyzes in youth and adult education in the areas of: 

• peace education 

• democracy education/ human rights education/ dealing with the past 

➢ Conducted Feasibilty studies/ Monitoring/ Evaluation in the area of: 

• Quality Management Systems in Education (QMS) 

• Accreditation and approval regulation for VET (AZAV) ➢ Developed education courses/ projects/ further non-formal education ➢ Experienced in Curricula, methodology, didactics, learning situations, lifelong learning, staff 


Professional Experience in Sustainabilty and Environmental Protection 

Political and Legislative Level 

➢ Environmental protection (environmental protection law, USG) 

• Immission control law 

• Nature protection right – State Conservation Act LNatSchG NRW, NW 

• Soil protection law 

• climate change law 

• Water Protection Law 

• waste legislation – Waste disposal management ➢ Nature conservation in building regulations and building permit procedures ➢ Advisory Board Communal Wind Mill Park 

Organisational Level 


➢ Rising Awareness of environmental and sustainability topics ➢ Actions plans/ Reporting/ Monitoring/ Evaluation ➢ Development of specialist departments and facilities – Organisational Development ➢ Projects, Education and Campaigns for reducing plastic waste, environmental protection and energy compensation e.g. Repair Cafes, No Waste Shops. ➢ Established QMS in energy compensation 

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