Iris Vasic

We are in 2020 and we are moving closer together.

I am a foreigner in Serbia.

I only know the course of the conflict, the causes of the wars from books, stories and media reports.

I am a political scientist who focuses on International Relations and peace and conflict research and I want to emphasize the importance of mediation and reconciliation.

Conflicts always have more than one reason. There are several conflict parties and conflict objects, causes are varied and multidimensional.

Conflicts in communication arise when a party or a person wants to be right and the willingness to reach an agreement is missing.

Concerning the research on peace and conflict there are always different perspectives and stories which directly could lead into the unwillingness on an agreement. Approaches on a process of reconciliation are rejected by the conflict parties.

What are the causes of this behavior? The causes are wounds and pains…

Every war and conflict affects subsequent generations through trauma and wounds. We are next generations in 2020 and we are still identifying traces, wounds and pains throughout the region. But traces should fade, wounds should heal, pains should go away. Healing wounds takes time, care and medication. Most important is the awareness that this is the only way to recover and regain strength.

The medication that is needed – that the wound can heal and does not become inflamed or entails a subsequent illness – is mediation.

If a deep wound is not treated right it affects the overall health of the body. Blood poisoning occurs and the poisoned blood spreads throughout the body.

„Mediation is the Medication

If you open up the wound, scratch it, it does not heal and you run the risk of getting a permanent infection of the body. You will not recover.

Southeastern Europe is a strong body but the wounds have not healed yet. The wounds were not treated properly. Now it is the time to work with mediation on the healing and reconciliation process. In education, in politics and in business.

We don’t know what the future holds… but in 2020 we will take care of each other again, wounds will heal and we will recover. 

Mediation is right way to do that!

Iris Vasic

Author: Iris Vasic

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